are we?

Identifying ourselves in only a few words would be reductive. We like to think of ourselves as a constantly evolving organism, without rigid confines of identity. What we are is works, ideas, exchanges, relationships and people in endless dialogue.

The artist

Valeriana Berchicci

explores relational practices in mass media experimentation by combining the study of images with the creation of artistic “objects”, using photography, video and installation.
The roots of her experimental practice are found in the study of semiotics and aesthetics, together with new forms of mass communication.
The main focus of her investigation is the audience. With this focus, the artist gives life to a reinterpretation of reality by analysing cultural and social situations.

The association

CAP Cities Art Projects

is a non-profit organization dealing with the dissemination and promotion of art, culture and urban regeneration. Shared values and goals laid the foundation for this association, which came about from a multi-disciplinary team of experts from the world of art and architecture. CAP promotes projects linked to city culture and community in a broad sense.
Visit the site to find out more: citiesartprojects.it

The curator

Benedetta Carpi De Resmini

is interested in contamination between artists and rethinking the creative process as a social process. Over the years, she has performed curator work at important institutions, including the MACRO – the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, and has curated national and international projects.
For years, she has been active on the national and international level with socially-themed projects developed in Rome and beyond, engaging local communities and foreign artists and creating transnational dialogues.
She came up with and carried out a project co-financed by Creative Europe called Magic Carpets – a platform involving 15 institutional partners collaborating through 2022 in an exchange project for emerging artists. The platform involved projects linked to community and socially and politically troubled environments.