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texts curated by Benedetta Carpi De Resmini and Marina Pietrocola
The platform is a real museum, brought to life by the stories and testimonies of the people we’ve interviewed since the start of the project, and anyone wanting to amplify this collection of memories and bring it to life.

The project was inspired by André Malraux’s imaginary museum, a museum without walls. In this case, the museum is brought to life and made even more open and fluid through the use of voice, an expressive tool that, more than any other, allows us to overcome any limitations and send the public into a potentially infinite universe of imagination.

The goal of the imaginary museum is not to propose a sort of palmares, but rather to represent a human adventure acting on displacements and on the margins.

Valeriana Berchicci’s imaginary museum is designed as an open-air museum, a museum that encompasses all the people and all the places in the world, a Museum-World.
The platform is intended to be a container of residents’ vocal memories linked to a specific place and to a collection of postcards, a now-forgotten communication tool.
In a historical time when we are all constantly bombarded by images, a return to experiencing places by listening and not only looking is a way to regain tools that are going extinct.
To find out about the long process that led to the creation of this imaginary museum, you can access the Imaginary Atlas section directly.
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