A counterpoint of view

We walked around and photographed neighbourhoods with the adults and teenagers that live there.

All the participants in these photo-geographical strolls shared with us and continue to share with us their vision for the neighbourhood, photographing details that represent it for them. This is a fresh perspective, a counterpoint of view, because the photos they took show intimate details: what identifies the place for each of them and therefore escapes the gaze of others.

The main feature of this workshop is the use of disposable cameras: we wanted to “photograph blindly”, without immediately knowing how the photo’s composition would turn out. We are used to being able to perceive a photo immediately, without the limitations presented by a roll of film. We often take pictures without concentrating on the subject.

In not being able to preview the picture, the imagination takes on a key role.
This workshop, too, led to the creation of stories that can be viewed by scrolling down on this page.

How would you like to photograph that detail? How do you narrate your unique point of view? How would you want the story of your city to be told?